Basic Pistol Course – $150.00 ALL INCLUSIVE (includes range fee, guns, ammo, eye and ear protection, targets).  This 3 hour course is for the person who is unfamiliar with firearms procedures, safety and practices or needs to develop a solid foundation of shooting skills.  This course is perfect for new shooters or people that are returning to shooting or just need a good understanding of the basics.

Ladies Only Introduction to Handguns - $150.00 (includes range fee, eye & ear pro, targets, guns, ammo) This 3 hour course is for the woman who is unfamiliar with firearm procedures and safety practices or needs to develop a solid foundation of shooting skills.  Topics include: Safety rules and procedures, types of handguns, selection of handgun and ammunition, shooting fundamentals, loading and clearing a handgun, and gun storage.

Youth Safety Firearms Class - $100.00 (includes range fee, handgun, ammo, eye & ear pro, targets).      The “Kids on Target” class is for children ages 9-17 years old.  The goal is to teach children     what they need to do when they see a firearm, how to act safely around firearms, safety rules for gun handling, parts of a handgun and how they operate and the fundamentals of shooting.  There will be classroom and range time.  We will be shooting 22LR pistols for this class.

Basic Rifle Course - $150.00 (includes range fee, eye and ear protection, targets and gun rental). Ammunition is NOT included. Students may bring their own ammunition or may purchase ammunition at the range. This 2-hour course is for individuals who are unfamiliar with different rifle parts, different rifle actions, and how to appropriately operate and maintain a rifle. Topics included for this course are: safety procedures when handling a rifle, different types of rifles, marksmanship fundamentals, different shooting positions, selecting the appropriate rifle to purchase, maintaining a rifle, and storing a rifle.

Intermediate/Defensive Pistol -125.00 (not including ammunition)This course is for those who are comfortable with the fundamentals of shooting a handgun and want to advance their shooting abilities and learn how to effectively use a handgun in self-defense. This course is ideal for those looking to get a start in competitive shooting or beginning to carry a concealed weapon. Topics covered include: situational awareness, deploying the firearm in the home and in public, drawing from the holster, reloading, using cover/concealment and light management. Students MUST have completed a Basic Pistol class with or equivalent training to attend this course. Students are required to bring their own firearm, holster, sturdy belt, two magazines and a magazine pouch.