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Firearm Cleaning

These are starting prices, if the firearm has rust, is to the point it will not function or is extremely dirty price may be higher. Cleaning a firearm could determine parts might need to be replaced and the gunsmith will contact you if this becomes the case.


Handguns $50

Bolt Action Rifles $50

Semi-Auto Rifles $70

Pump Action Shotguns $50

Semi-Auto Shotguns $60

Muzzle Devices

We do NOT do Pin and Welds or thread barrels.


Removal and Installation of new device $75

Installation of new device $60

Trigger Installation

Plus ammo for testing, unless provided.


AR-15 Triggers $30

AR Binary Triggers $45

Other Binary Triggers $50 - $80

SCAR Triggers $50

Glock Triggers $30

AR-15 Assembly

Price will increase if barrel nut needs to be shimmed.


Upper Assembly $100

Lower Assembly $100

Complete Assembly $175

Removal and Installation of Handguard $90

Change out Buffer Tube

              Standard $30

              Side Folding $50

Optic and Red Dot

Plus ammo for sight in, unless provided.


Installation of scope and rings $50

Installation of Red Dot $40

Glock Sight Installation $35

Double Dovetail Sights $45 - $55

Sight in 25 yards or 100 yard zero at 25 yards $35

Gunsmithing Request
If you have a specific gunsmithing request, please fill out the form below.

Thank you for your gunsmithing request! We will reach out within 24-48 hours.

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